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Francesco was born In Catania, Italy and attended the renowned University of fine arts of Catania.  With art being the center of his life, Francesco soon realized that in order to grow as an artist, he needed to leave his world behind and explore new opportunities and experiences elsewhere, thereby relocating to New York.

In New York, the "Spike Gallery" in Chelsea exhibited together with David Salle one of his paintings from the  series  titled "The Human Needle"; and the Guggenheim Museum of New York reviewed a selection of his work. Whilst. in London, one of his most important earlier works, "The Christ" was exhibited at the Royal Academy Museum of London.

He has developed his signature and style and uses "the paintings" as a tool to express through a metaphysical approach his deepest feelings and torments. His paintings can also be disturbing at times, in their strong message and hidden beauty. The beauty appears once the painting is revealed to us.

Francesco Porcino is fascinated by objects and uses them as a metaphor to deliver his message.  If one looks closer at the paintings, one can see human faces and shapes, that become one with the human being, who in turn, becomes the heart and the living forces of life. His work never leaves us feeling indifferent; it takes us to places we never thought of going, on a voyages to the unknown side of ourselves.



  • Phillips de Pury & Company, New York

  • Sterling Sound, New York

  • Spike Galley, New York

  • Atelier Moderne, New York

  • Art Expo, Brooklyn New york

  • NECRONOMICON, Slaughterhouse Gallery, New York

  • SIX INCHES, Boom, New York

  • Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York

  • SEI POLLICI, Galleria Arte Club, Catania

  • TRANSITI 10, Metro Catania; Italy

  • ATELIER SUL MARE, Fiumara D'arte, Messina; Italy

  • TERRONI, Palazzo Biscari, Catania; Italy

  • ERBA VERDE, FRESCA ALL'OCCHIO Chiesa dei Cavalieri di Malta, Siracusa; Italy

  • Modigliani Gallery, Milano; Italy

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